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Hunt down the right ICO

The best way to secure massive gains when trading cryptocurrency is to invest in the ICO (initial coin offering) buying your coins BEFORE it is publicly traded.

An example: Stratis launched their STRAT tokens at $ 0.0007 on the 20th June 2016. One year on, they were trading at $ 7.74 If you'd invested $ 100 in the ICO, you'd now be $110,471 richer.

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"Hang on, what's an ICO again?"

An ICO (initial coing offering) is a way for developers to crowdfund the release of a new cryptocurrency, and cover launch costs – by selling a limited number of tokens before the coins have hit the public exchange, at a fixed, low price.

In the media: "Average ICO returns are 1,320%" "A New Way To Raise Money: The Initial Coin Offering"

97% of ICOs won't make you any money

Only 3% of ICOs have any real potential. ICOHunter's experts know the market inside-out and will make sure you know when not to invest:

  • Unrealistic, un-tested ideas.
  • Inexperienced teams creating bug-filled code.
  • Out-and-out scams.

97% of ICOs have zero potential.

We will provide you with the best ICOs out there. Now is the time to jump in!

Whether you're a brand new investor, or a seasoned Pro, ICO Hunter has your back, as an ICO Hunter member you'll get:

  • Ratings and Analysis on recent and upcoming ICOs with potential
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  • Access to our datasheet covering all suggested ICOs
  • An exclusive networking forum
  • Access to our own ICO investment porfolio – track our buying and selling in real-time

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What kind of gains are we talking about, really?

In June 2017 we invested just $ 750,- and since then we've followed our own advice to the letter.

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